Bullhorn Reach FAQ

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Q: To what social networks does Bullhorn Reach broadcast?
A: LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.  On LinkedIn, you can post to status updates and groups, while Facebook allows you to post to status updates, company pages, or specific lists of friends.

Q: Besides social networks (FB, Linkedin, Twitter), what are the other job sites will your job aggregated to?
A: Bullhorn Reach will automatically syndicate published jobs to leading job boards like Simply Hired, BetterJobs, DataFrenzy, Juju, OLX, Oodle, Trovit and Yakaz.  While we highly recommend that you leverage your social networks, Bullhorn Reach can help automate job distribution even when recruiters are not quite ready to post to social media.

Q: Can you tell me more about Radar?
A: Radar helps you identify people in your networks who may be looking for a job before they even announce anything.  Learn more on our site or try it out for free in Bullhorn Reach Personal edition

Q: How many jobs can we post simultaneously?
A: That depends on the edition of Bullhorn Reach.  Team offers unlimited jobs for all recruiters, Pro+ offers unlimited jobs for a single recruiter, Pro offers 5 jobs for a single recruiter, and Personal offers 2 jobs for free.

Q: Do you only have style options for team edition? what about professional or professional plus?
A: All editions allow a recruiter to upload their photo but Bullhorn Reach Team allows a company the most control and a consistent look and feel to the online postings of all recruiters at that firm.

Q: Does this detract from traffic going to the company website?
A: Bullhorn Reach helps to bring in additional traffic that would not have visited the company site otherwise.

Q: What analytics on your followers and your posts are available with the free edition?
A: Personal, Pro, and Pro+ allow a recruiter to see some important metrics for each job post: many people have visited the post, how many times you have shared the post, and how many people have applied.  Additionally, you’re able to see where your traffic is coming from.

Q: Does WebConnect need to be set up for this functionality to work, or can Reach work from Sendouts independently of webconnect?
A: Reach does work independently of webconnect, so it can be used even if you don’t have your site integrated. You would still post the position to webconnect if you would like to automatically push the information about the job from Sendouts into Reach.

Q: For the basic package, are we able to use Bullhorn Reach on our personal LinkedIn if that is what we are using to post jobs?
A: Absolutely  

Q: How do you delete the Bullhorn Reach posting without deleting the post in sendouts?
A: Close the job in Bullhorn Reach

Q: How much does Bullhorn Reach Team cost, on average?
A: Bullhorn Reach Team pricing depends on the number of users and specific quotes can be provided by a member of our sales team.

Q: What kind of Sendouts integration is going to be offered for early adopters like myself that have Personal Plus Free Edition?
A: This is it!  You can now push jobs from Sendouts to Bullhorn Reach and use your existing login when prompted.

Q: Which Reach package do I need in order to use the Teamcast feature?
A: Teamcast is designed to allow one person to save time for many by posting content and job offers on behalf of many.  It is only available in Bullhorn Reach Team.

Q: If you have someone designated to post on behalf of the recruiters on the team option, would each of those members have to log into their LinkedIn, etc. on the designated social post user account or how would it show you are posting under their account?
A: Once each recruiter has given permission for the company to post to their social networks through Bullhorn Reach Team, the posts will show up as coming from the recruiter.  So if Jason is the social media manager for Acme Staffing, and Christine has given permission for Jason to post for him, Teamcast posts from Jason will show up in Christine’s social networks as if they were posted by Christine.  Pretty neat!

Q: I don’t have the option of posting to Reach through Sendouts. I could have sworn you said I didn’t have to set that up, but it looks like I do.
A:  You should now have Bullhorn Reach in Sendouts.  If you are experiencing issues, goto Help > About Sendouts and click the update link to get the latest version.  To make sure you receive the release, please ensure that your firewall or antivirus software allows all Sendouts programs.

Q: If I close a position in Sendouts will the job automatically be withdrawn from Bullhorn Reach?
A: No, not at this time.  You should also close the job in Bullhorn Reach.

Q: If a job seeker clicks on the small job link they are going to be brought to the Reach page as opposed to my company website? Or are they going to be directed to my Bullhorn Reach job description page?
A: The job seeker will be directed to the Bullhorn Reach job description page so we can accept candidate applications and provide analytics for you.

Q: Is this functionality available for the aTango product as well?  (corporate version of sendouts)
A: Yes!

Q: Most of the LinkedIn groups I am a member of want jobs to be posted to the “job discussion” page of the group.  Is there a way to post in that section?
A: The LinkedIn API’s do not allow anyone to post directly to the Jobs section of a group. Therefore, Bullhorn Reach leverages a workaround where we make two consecutive API calls: first, we post the job to the Discussions section of the group; then a fraction of a second later we make a second API call and move the job posting from the Discussions section to the Jobs section. The second API call triggers an automated email to you incorrectly indicating that the moderator has moved the post – this is a known issue within LinkedIn.   If the group requires that all submissions be reviewed by the group’s moderator, then we cannot execute the second API call. Instead, the posting will appear in the Discussions queue and the moderator can move it to the Jobs section.

Q: Regarding the professional programs, $19  or $ 59 per month, is my commitment per month or longer?
A: Bullhorn Reach Pro and Pro+ are $19 and $59 per month, respectively, so you can cancel any month.  However, there are discounts available for longer commitments.

Q: Previously included in the cost of Sendouts- our jobs were sent out to Indeed and Simply HIred.  Is this basically going to cost now? Where does WebConnect go?
A: Existing integrations will remain exactly as they were before. No current options are being changed, a new one is being added.

Q:  The JD we have in Sendouts Job Orders are for internal use, usually put there by the sales rep. After some work, we have the JD ready for career sites and social media. How should we work around that?
A: Bullhorn Reach allows you to edit job descriptions before they’re published in Bullhorn Reach.  So when you push a job from Sendouts to Bullhorn Reach, you’ll have an opportunity to edit it before it’s published in Bullhorn Reach, at which point it will syndicate to leading job boards like SimplyHired and be ready for promotion on social media.

Q: Would Bullhorn Reach be a replacement for using a current job board or more of a supplement?
A: Some firms who aren’t interested in building their own expensive job board have used Bullhorn Reach Team as their main job board.  Otherwise, Bullhorn Reach postings make a great supplement to existing job boards.

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