Does Sendouts have an API?

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Sendouts has a WebConnect API which provides you with a custom solution for integrating your online job board with Sendouts. The WebConnect API is a tool your developers can use to build your job board site integration from the ground up. We recommend that you review this information carefully before beginning website development built around the WebConnect API.

What is an API?

An Application-Programming Interface (API) is the set of rules and instructions that lets two or more software systems talk to each other and seamlessly send information back and forth. This communication is done behind the scenes, allowing companies to create very advanced systems that appear exceptionally simple to a

For example, when you buy a book on Amazon and enter your credit card information, Amazon uses an API to talk to your credit card company, verifying that the information you entered is correct. Once the credit card company confirms that the info is correct, they use an API to send a response back to Amazon that the transaction can be completed.

Powerful Possibilities with the WebConnect API

The Sendouts API gives you full control over integration with the job portion of your website. This is powerful in many ways, including:

  • Full control over look and feel of the job portion of your website
  • Addition of fields that do not come with the standard WebConnect integration
  • Letting the API talk to any of your other internal systems behind the scenes

The WebConnect API can give your candidates the ability to search for job orders, show a list of job orders that match the search criteria, show job order details, apply for a job, and then create a candidate record within Sendouts. You also have the ability to allow hiring managers, or anyone else, to create new job orders within Sendouts.

The WebConnect API does not modify the existing Sendouts WebConnect. Instead, it allows you to completely recreate it from the ground up. If you want to simply make minor modifications to the existing WebConnect integration, it is best to be done through the Sendouts professional services team.


We have made the Sendouts WebConnect API as easy to use as possible. However, API development is not for the faint of heart. It requires significant forethought about your requirements, as well as developer resources.  The service is built using SOAP XML web services. Your website developer should be able to build pages on
your site using the API, but we would suggest confirming that prior to planning your entire website around the API.

API Functions

Search for Job Orders

  • Keywords
  • Category
  • Position Title
  • Job Number
  • Area
Show a list of Job Orders
  • JO Number
  • Position Title
  • Company Name
  • City
  • Job Summary
  • JO Post Number
  • Post Date
  • Location
  • Post Location
  • Caategory
  • Job Requirements

Show the detail of an individual Job Order

  • JO Number
  • Position Title
  • Company Name
  • Maximum Pay
  • Salaried Checkbox
  • Work Week
  • Created Date
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Zip Code

Add New Candidate

  • A resume can be sent to the parser and a record can be created based on it.
  • Any standard field on the Candidate
  • Any searchable custom filed on the candidate

Add New Job Order

  • A job order can be sent to the parse and a record can be created based on it
  • Any standard field on the Job Order record
  • Any searchable custom field on the Job Order record

Get Started –>

1.  Get the API Documentation

Once you determine that you have the resources to dedicate to building your site using the API, you can click on the link below for the full technical API documentation. Or, simply forward this document on to your developer.

2.  Contact our Support Team

When your team is ready to begin using the API, contact your Sendouts Account Manager. They will provide you with the login credentials you’ll need to begin development.

There is limited support available beyond the online documentation. If you require developer support, Sendouts offers consulting services for an additional hourly fee.

WebConnect API Documentation

All Client level functionality can be found through the following link: 

All functions take clientLogin (value that client logs in as), username (provided by your AM) and password (provided by your AM) as base parameters along with other parameters specific to each function.

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